Horizon Report 2011 on Cloud Computing

The Horizon Project focuses on emerging technologies likely to have a significant impact on learning and teaching. The 2011 report highlights Cloud Computing as one of these key technologies. Indranee Liew, an active participant on our course this summer, has distilled its main points in this super presentation.

Indranee’s powerpoint (download): new technologies in ed Horizon 2011 or View via Google Docs

Full report: 2011-Horizon-Report-K12


What a difference a Browser makes

Apple’s Safari browser has a new feature called reader (View>Show Reader or Ctrl+Shift+R).  It strips out all extraneous content from a web page and lets you concentrate on the text content. It would be excellent for screen reading software too, such as Kurzweil, ClaroRead etc.

This is an example:

safare reader mode

This is the same page with Google Chrome

web page with Chrom

Free Comic Book Makers

I find that comics have a very positive role to play in the classroom, especially if the students create their own. Some of the Key benefits of using comics in education include the following :

– They present what is essential
– Students can convey their understanding easily through comics
– It is easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information
– Students are engaged through thinking, creating and writing.
– They motivate students with low interest in writing as the amount of
writing is quite small.
– They help organise thoughts through storytelling and storyboarding
– Using visual images convey meaning to a story or topic
– They help foster creative and higher level thought processes
– Enriches reading, writing, and thinking
– Serves as and assessment and evaluation tool
– Sequencing promotes understanding

(based on suggestions by Marilee Sarlitto)

Here are a few examples of Free Comic Book makers.

Artisancam (Free) : This is probably the easiest to use. You just change the background, character and speech bubble. You can change the size and pose of the characters.


Cartoon Story Maker (Free) is a downloadable program. It gives more options and control than Artiscancam

comic book generator

This site (developed by Dept of Educ. in Victoria) has very good help files, storyboards etc.

Adding a new post to a WordPress blog

This is a very short screencast of the process of adding a new post to your blog.

The steps are as follows:

  1. log in to site admin
  2. in the dashboard, scroll to the left and click on Post – Add New
  3. complete content for your post
  4. click on Publish (on right hand pane)
  5. Click on View post or on the title of your blog (at top of page).