Technology in the Classroom – a UDL perspective

This fantastic video has tips on how to tweak our technology use in the classroom in order to make it more accessible for all our learners. The video discusses using images, putting subtitles on videos, and running the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office and has lots of other ideas. The video is captioned – a key element of UDL.


Free Book on Technology for UDL

Universal Design for Learning is gaining more and more acceptance in Irish education. This book is details the technology available to support UDL and is free online and on the iBooks for iPad. It will be published later in the autumn of 2019.


A new and very accessible book on UDL

If you are an iPad user, then this new book from CAST will inspire you by linking the use of iPad apps directly with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.


Written by Luis Perez, a leading commentator on using iPads to cater for diversity, the book is full of simple UDL strategies to offer alternative pathways to suit all learners in our classroom. This book has just been published by CAST and is part of their skinny book series – more information

In this video, Luis Perez explains why he chose the iPad as an accessibility tool

Special Needs and UDL


This is an interesting article on how to support learners with additional needs, from a Canadian perspective. One sentence in particular jumps out:

“The gap between what we know these students are capable of and what they are able to achieve at the moment is where the “disability” lies.”

This in essence sums up the challenge for teachers working in this area.