Helping children with ASD communicate

This is an interesting article detailing some new technologies to support communication for students with ASD.



Switch Accessible Games

switch controlled toy

Some links, and sites which feature links, for online switch-accessible games.

Olympic Games theme:

Book Review: “Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom”

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Brilliant Ideas for using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom

Teachers in special education will welcome this new book, published in association with NASEN, which is full of ideas for using technology in the inclusive classroom. The book focuses on children learning, rather than on technology per se and explains everything in a clear and non-tech way. It has been specifically designed to help develop key skills, such as problem solving, developing concepts and communication, while being grounded in the practicalities of working with students with special and additional needs. Continue reading “Book Review: “Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom””