Free Maths Tools

Number Frames (free for iOS,  web)

The Math Learning Center has lots of great resources for students, including interactive math tools to help students practise skills with virtual manipulatives. This would work great on a touch screen or tablet.


Number Line (free for iOS, and web)

This is another mobile and web app from the same company and it is perfect for helping students model their thinking as they explore different operations.

number line

Maths Prodigy is a free, interactive game-based resource that is very popular with Irish schools. Pupils have to answers Maths problems to be able to progress in the game. This is a very comprehensive site, with options for personalisation and class reports. Prodigy will work on the web or via tablets.


Other free options for Maths

Khan Academy has high quality resources. Also check out the Khan Academy Kids app for iOS

TopMarks is popular with many Irish teachers:  It has both English and Maths challenges and will work on the web or on tablets.



Making Windows more Accessible for your students

Microsoft have a nice short video tutorial on how to make changes to Windows for your students. For example, for pupils who have difficulty in double clicking, a simple change to the mouse speed will suffice.