Learning through Blogging

This video demonstrates some of the learning potential of students blogging in the classroom. Teachers at Llantarnam School have been encouraging boys to write blogs on topics that interest them and build their confidence in their own writing ability.

Writing a blog is so similar to using a word processor with its built-in support for spelling and grammar, while the knowledge that their work could be read by strangers prompts them to take greater care when writing. Moreover, positive online feedback boosts their self-esteem.


Adding a new post to a WordPress blog

This is a very short screencast of the process of adding a new post to your blog.

The steps are as follows:

  1. log in to site admin
  2. in the dashboard, scroll to the left and click on Post – Add New
  3. complete content for your post
  4. click on Publish (on right hand pane)
  5. Click on View post or on the title of your blog (at top of page).