New Arts in Education Portal launched is the new arts portal for Irish education. It aims to be the  key national digital resource of arts and education practice in Ireland. The site features some excellent resources including videos and guidelines for integrating arts.



Author: techcourse

Primary Teacher. Interested in technology, teaching and learning.

3 thoughts on “New Arts in Education Portal launched”

  1. Really great to see a one stop website for the arts in education to create a link between arts professionals and teachers and to be kept up to date with events and opportunities in this area.

  2. Exciting to see the new website for Arts in Education being launched. This really will promote a connection between teaching professionals and art professionals. It will help provide a one stop shop for advertising and flagging all events happening in the arts world for educators and also all the exciting things being carried out by schools in this area. Looking forward to following this web and participating in new projects.

  3. I agree that Arts in Education serves what was previously a void in the Irish scene. Great to see that along with Literacy and Numeracy projects being centre stage in current Irish education that the Arts gets a dedicated website. Congrats to all involved in its launch.

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