List of Free AT Resources

This is a list of free AT resources that I put together a while back – it’s not exhaustive, but there are some good tools listed.

MS Word Version: free-at-resources

PDF Version: free-at-resources


Author: techcourse

Primary Teacher. Interested in technology, teaching and learning.

5 thoughts on “List of Free AT Resources”

    1. Hi Sandra
      It may be a browser problem. Deirdre managed to download the list in the end. I will upload a pdf version of the list in case it has something to do with your version of Office.

  1. Great to have a list such as this. However there seem to be an issue with the link to MyStudyBar. I keep getting a message saying it is unavailable.

    1. Hi Elaine
      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that the link didn’t work. I have updated the post now and it seems to work OK. I hope to upload some more content this morning relevant to our course.

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