Learning through Blogging

This video demonstrates some of the learning potential of students blogging in the classroom. Teachers at Llantarnam School have been encouraging boys to write blogs on topics that interest them and build their confidence in their own writing ability.

Writing a blog is so similar to using a word processor with its built-in support for spelling and grammar, while the knowledge that their work could be read by strangers prompts them to take greater care when writing. Moreover, positive online feedback boosts their self-esteem.


Author: techcourse

Primary Teacher. Interested in technology, teaching and learning.

9 thoughts on “Learning through Blogging”

  1. The one thing that Dr.Williams mentioned about blogging is the fact that it is a ‘non critical feedback mechanism’ which is extremely important as is gives the opportunity to step away from conventional teacher correction methods often overly decorated with red ink from these corrections. As others will see their blog it provides an incentive to blog with accuracy both in spelling and grammar.

  2. a very helpful video, he presents the situation quite calmly and reassures anyone considering using blogging while highlighting the vast benefits for the students. as other people have said the most interesting point is the idea of non critical feedback. often in the classroom students can feel spelling corrections as a negative response towards them …they are wrong again… not good enough….. here they are simply corrected and take it as fact rather than being criticised.

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