What a difference a Browser makes

Apple’s Safari browser has a new feature called reader (View>Show Reader or Ctrl+Shift+R).  It strips out all extraneous content from a web page and lets you concentrate on the text content. It would be excellent for screen reading software too, such as Kurzweil, ClaroRead etc.

This is an example:

safare reader mode

This is the same page with Google Chrome

web page with Chrom


Author: techcourse

Primary Teacher. Interested in technology, teaching and learning.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a Browser makes”

  1. I just tried this out and will suggest to students to use this browser and reader. Its very impressive and should focus the student on what they should be looking at and not be distracted with unnecessary images and other items.

  2. Hi Kate you could also try Clearly from evernote. It’s a little bookmarklet that sits on the Chrome toolbar. Click it and you get the same effect as Safari (with some additional tweaks)

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