Free Comic Book Makers

I find that comics have a very positive role to play in the classroom, especially if the students create their own. Some of the Key benefits of using comics in education include the following :

– They present what is essential
– Students can convey their understanding easily through comics
– It is easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information
– Students are engaged through thinking, creating and writing.
– They motivate students with low interest in writing as the amount of
writing is quite small.
– They help organise thoughts through storytelling and storyboarding
– Using visual images convey meaning to a story or topic
– They help foster creative and higher level thought processes
– Enriches reading, writing, and thinking
– Serves as and assessment and evaluation tool
– Sequencing promotes understanding

(based on suggestions by Marilee Sarlitto)

Here are a few examples of Free Comic Book makers.

Artisancam (Free) : This is probably the easiest to use. You just change the background, character and speech bubble. You can change the size and pose of the characters.

Cartoon Story Maker (Free) is a downloadable program. It gives more options and control than Artiscancam

comic book generator

This site (developed by Dept of Educ. in Victoria) has very good help files, storyboards etc.


Author: techcourse

Primary Teacher. Interested in technology, teaching and learning.

2 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Makers”

  1. I have used comic strip in class for years as a means to motivate the reluctant reader and writer. In recent years I have found online comic strip makers to be an invaluable resource for all pupils as they all can work at their own level.
    mellieinballynoe (aka

  2. I have found that the use of Grafix Books’ Classic Novels (Moby Dick, Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn etc…) which use comic style graphics and text, has been a tremendous motivator for some of my older, reluctant readers at senior end of primary school (particularly boys). I have never used online comic strip makers before, but now that I am alerted to their very positive effects for pupils’ learning (e.g. pupils learn at own level, pupils express their creativity, pupils practise sequencing skills) I will definitely be making use of free comic book makers. I can see great possibilities for using them with my pupils, especially my SEN pupils.

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