Videos from ASL Technology Conference 2020

These videos are from CALL Scotland – that invaluable resource for all material related to inclusion and diversity. Clicking on the link below will bring to to the entire playlist.

This is one video from the playlist

What are your favourite technologies for your class?

The great Richard Byrne shares his favourite tech items here. You’ll definitely find some great ideas on this list.

While you are on his site, don’t forget to click on the link to download his Free Handbook (updated every year)


Technology in the Classroom – a UDL perspective

This fantastic video has tips on how to tweak our technology use in the classroom in order to make it more accessible for all our learners. The video discusses using images, putting subtitles on videos, and running the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office and has lots of other ideas. The video is captioned – a key element of UDL.

Free Maths Tools

Number Frames (free for iOS,  web)

The Math Learning Center has lots of great resources for students, including interactive math tools to help students practise skills with virtual manipulatives. This would work great on a touch screen or tablet.


Number Line (free for iOS, and web)

This is another mobile and web app from the same company and it is perfect for helping students model their thinking as they explore different operations.

number line

Maths Prodigy is a free, interactive game-based resource that is very popular with Irish schools. Pupils have to answers Maths problems to be able to progress in the game. This is a very comprehensive site, with options for personalisation and class reports. Prodigy will work on the web or via tablets.


Other free options for Maths

Khan Academy has high quality resources. Also check out the Khan Academy Kids app for iOS

TopMarks is popular with many Irish teachers:  It has both English and Maths challenges and will work on the web or on tablets.


Assessment using Digital Tools

Assessment is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. Gathering assessment data guides us to better teaching and learning outcomes. The two main complementary approaches are Assessment of learning (summative) and Assessment for learning (formative).

There are lots of online tools (and tablet apps) that can help us assess our students’ understanding via AoL or AfL. In this post we will look at 3 free tools. More tools will be discussed in further posts.

  • Many schools are using G Suite (Google) as a learning environment. Schools using G Suite and Google Classroom can can simply create a quiz in Forms, include images and videos when desired, and indicate the correct answer for each item. When students take the quiz, Forms will automatically grade every response that has a correct answer identified.  You can also assign open-ended questions. The crucial thing is that individual feedback can be given to each student.
  • Kahoot! is a very popular game-based site where teachers display questions on the whiteboard/screen. The students then log into Kahoot on their own or in groups with their code and answer them. . Free (web/app)










Our third suggestion is SeeSaw which is a very simple and intuitive tool for students to create their own digital portfolios. There is huge scope for self-assessment and for AfL with this bright and colourful (free) tool available online or via a tablet app. Students and teachers post artifacts of learning in a variety of ways: audio, video, photo, drawing, note etc. Everything can be annotated with a text description, text caption, or audio recording. Feedback is easy and parents can log in to comment and praise the work.



Taking Photos at School Events – advice from the Data Commissioner

The introduction of GDPR has caused a lot of concern in schools regarding the use of cameras at school events (Christmas play, Sports Day etc). The Data Commissioner has some very clear advice in this pdf document.

Taking photos at school events – Where common sense comes into play _ 12_04_2019 _ Data Protection Commission

Free resource: Storyline Online

Storyline Online ( is a fantastic resource to support literacy. It features videos of famous actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. The books are quirky and funny and are bound to interest your students. Each book has an activity guide (click below the video) with  lesson notes, vocabulary and extension activities. It’s available free on the web or via a free app