Deploying iPads in school

Apple has streamlined the deployment process for schools in recent years. If your school has more than a few iPads then it’s worthwhile deploying them using Apple’s tools. In the first instance it’s a good idea to ask your Apple supplier (e.g. or They will help you set up Apple School Manager to help you set up all the devices for the school, get apps and books for each class – all from one place.

To get started why not download Apple’s free iBook ‘Education Deployment Guide’


Read&Write and Equatio free for teachers

Texthelp offers a free subscription to its two best-selling products, Read&Write (text-to-speech, dictation, prediction etc) and Equatio  (add equations, formulae and graphs to MS Word or Google Docs). To avail of this offer, just go to


These products will work on all devices (just sign in to activate). This is Read&Write working in Word 2010 on a Win 7 laptop.


Microsoft’s Learning Tools

Microsoft have recently been devoting a lot of attention to making their products more accessible. They really have made great strides in the past 12 months. This video webinar gives a great overview of how the new tools can be used in the classroom.

Play Video


There are 2 other webinars in the series